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I added "poor" to "Services to the Homeless" to make it a somewhat broader topic, because the Hunger, Homelessness, and Poverty Task Force lumps them together, and because it seemed like the best place for the Poor People's Policy.

I added the sub-category "Storytelling" to the "Programs for Children" category.

I rearranged the categories in the "Programming" category so that subjects relating to the various age ranges are grouped together in descending order (Adults, Young Adults, Children).

- Jesse

I'm at an ALA program on Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries, and people have been talking about the need for more gathering places for information on these services. I just added the catagory to the wiki and will add more information soon!

- Laura

Staff Training Category

What do we think about creating a Staff Training category? Now, it is a subcategory of the Services for Specific People category. Being a staff trainer, I obviously looked for that first. I thought for a while that the category did not exist until I stumbled upon it.

I created a training category for Staff Training and Technology Training. Let me know if you'd like me to change that. I protected the page because for some odd reason that one page was getting hit by spam a few times every hour. Meredith 22:05, 29 March 2006 (EST)

That was quick! I was showing my wife this wiki moments after I had placed this request and you had already rearranged it!

Does Technology Training need to be under Staff Training or is that category aimed at public training? I guess then the main header could be Staff Training instead of Training. We consider Technology Training for the public to be a Program. Others may see it differently, though. Sorry if I'm being too picky.

This wiki will be a great resource. I have already begun spreading the word to our staff. Right now many people in our system depend on listservs to share information with other libraries. People end up deleting or filing emails away in some place they could never find them when they need them. Now, you don't have to worry because a wonderful reference system is already in place. . .I could go on and on. Anyway. Good job.--Kevindixon 10:53, 30 March 2006 (EST)

Ok, I can just make a staff training section and staff tech training can be a part of that (or if it gets too big, it can become its own page). Meredith 20:43, 30 March 2006 (EST)