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Library Website Hall of Fame

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Successful Re-Design Projects

To view cached pages of a website's previous look, visit: WayBack Machine

Cecil County Public Library - Complete redesign which showcases Web 2.0 functionalities and customizable content, engages patron participation, features an easy to use navigational structure with prominent displays of library events, materials and resources, and offers a wealth of new content.

Salinas Public Library, Salinas, California - Complete re-design which incorporated new content, navigation structure, and usability.

Lessons learned: 3.0 - overview of what it took to get a successful overhaul implemented.

UAA/APU Consortium Library '05 Re-Design - overview of process.

Allan Bean Centre Library: A special library in New Zealand for people with spinal injury, brain injury, strokes etc and their families.

University of Washington Libraries 2004 redesign - overview of process

Johnson County Library (KS) - Timeframe for redevelopment, usability studies, and results reporting 2007

Whitehall Public Library (PA) - Complete redesign using Wordpress (Thesis theme), 2013.

DeKalb County Public Library, GA - complete re-design, launched on July 15, 2008. Previous design looked like this

Ventura County Library, CA - complete re-design launched 12-2009 of original 2001 public library website. Previous design looked like: this.

Bloomfield Township Public Library, MI - complete re-design on Drupal launched in June 2009.

Usability Tips


Accessibility Standards and Guidelines

Accessibility Tools

Accessibility Tips

Web Tools


  • Color Box - Design custom colors with draggable hue and saturation levels, and view the corresponding hex value.
  • Color Scheme Designer tool for building color schemes
  • fiddle around with colors
  • COLOURLovers a resource that monitors and influences color trends.
  • kuler web-hosted application for generating color themes



URL checkers

Cross-browser Checkers

  • BrowserCam -- I used this during a redesign process and it was well worth the $$
  • Browsershots -- Free service similar to BrowserCam

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check out