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Welcome to Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki! The purpose of this wiki is to develop a repository for good ideas within the profession. This can include success stories, insights and tips, links to useful websites and other content. When put together, the content in each section should help librarians to find inspiration and concrete ideas for improving services to their patrons. In addition to offering good ideas, the wiki is also a great place for librarians to get practice working with a wiki. Editing someone else's writing or adding to a website can be intimidating, and it's great to get our feet wet in a non-threatening wiki community of librarians. So feel free to tweak the site, add categories, add content, or make any other constructive changes. I think you'll find that wikis are extremely easy to use and are fun to play with! Hopefully, this wiki will help librarians to get thinking about how wikis can be used in libraries to serve their patrons and to work collaboratively with their peers.

WebJunction's editorial focus for September is Online Communities, so it seemed like a great idea to incorporate this wiki into the discussion (literally!). Feel free to write about successes you've had developing online communities at your library or any thoughts you've had on the subject. If you know of a library that is doing great things with online communities, please add a link to it and tell us what you like about it. With your help, we'll be able to develop a fantastic resource that will inspire each of us -- and others -- to think about developing online communities at our own libraries.

Contributions to the Online Communities section of the wiki will also be posted to http://webjunction.org/, either entirely or in part. Content on the topic contributed directly to WebJunction will also be posted here. Please note that the content may be moderated/edited to some extent by the folks at WebJunction before putting it on their website. If you would not like your content edited or placed on the WebJunction site, please explicitly state that in parentheses at the end of whatever you have written with your initials. For example, I would write (not for WJ - MF) at the end of what I've written if I don't want my content edited or placed on the WebJunction site. Content can be added completely anonymously, so you are able to write things that will not be associated with you in any way. I do however encourage you to register on the site and join the community!

If you need any help using the wiki, please check out the Wikipedia Help Page, the Media Wiki User Guide or the Tips Page on this website. If you find that you're not seeing the content you've added to the wiki, try this fix. If you need any other help with the wiki, please feel free to contact me.

Click here to enter the Online Communities page, but feel free to add to any of the other topics as well. Welcome to the community!

--Meredith Farkas

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