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Is it possible to make the login page secure? ... I'd rather not send a password, possibly allowing someone snooping (as they always are on a university campus) to impersonate me at a later time.

I'm sorry, but there isn't any way to do this unless you can send me clear instructions on exactly how to do it. I would be more worried with ecommerce sites than with a site like this. Why would anyone want to impersonate you to go into a library wiki? If that does happen, let me know and we can delete the account and create a new one for you. -- Meredith

Enabling the secure http protocol (https) is something that needs to be done at the web server level. The first step would be for the sysadmin to implement/install an SSL-enabled web server. The next step would be to determine which web pages (all or some) should be encrypted, whether it be a static page, a script or whatever.