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Ben Ostrowsky is a systems librarian at Tampa Bay Library Consortium. His interest in intellectual property reform prompt him to work for the creative commons (broadly construed) as much as possible; his photographs are generally CC-By and his code is generally GPL.

Professional blog:


Barcodes-on-the-fly helper (BOFH) is a web-based application that produces a PDF with 30 Codabar barcodes beginning with the number of your choice. You can also choose the start/stop characters.

SunCat 2.0 is an attempt to build a more Web 2.0-ish PAC. It's not yet in beta (as of 2007-05-10), but is scheduled to go into beta sometime in May 2007. The live site, which may be unavailable at anytime, is The project involves heavy structural editing of XSLT templates to transform the XML provided by Horizon Application Server into reasonably browser-friendly and eye-pleasing HTML, as well as Ajax widgets to shoehorn libraries' external content into the PAC.