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Hi. I arranged this list in alpha (you can take the librarian out of the library...). Hope this doesn't upset anyone. I added my handle rather than my real name, because I would have been first ;\ Walkingpaper 23:34, 9 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Ha! I was just waiting to see how long it would take for someone to do that! Luke usually follows behind me making my formatting prettier on the ALA Wiki. :) --Meredith 10 July 2005

One more thing. It was late Saturday night when I did this, so I didn't consider that this list might benefit from being Last, First when more people add their names. --Walkingpaper 12:19, 11 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I kind of like it alphabetized by first name, actually. It's more "friendly" (rather than being like a school roster). --Meredith 2:23, 11 July 2005 (EDT)

Now that I've finally stumbled into wiki land I see no one has been here in years - did I miss the bus? Charlotte

If you did, I did too. But this is now April 2008, and I'll be very surprised if anyone answers. Here's a question, anyway: I've heard that there is a way to calculate the monetary value of shelf space in your library (someone mentioned that she heard this at a conference). I've been looking at the literature, and I'm not finding anything about this. I'm interested because I'd like to make a dollars and cents argument for weeding out the old stuff. Anyone have any ideas on this? - Janet

I haven't heard of this exactly, but I do like the idea. When it comes to monetary-izing library stuff, I always think of the Library Value Calculator (and here) - not exactly the same thing, but it does put a "price" on books. You could then translate that into shelf space. For weeding purposes, though, it seems like putting a price on shelf space would require not only calculating how much storing books cost, but calculating what else that space could be used for.--herzogbr 1:58, 23 Apr 2008

Thanks to herzogbr for answering. Janet, this page isn't really an appropriate space to discuss the monetary value of shelf space. This is just a talk page on the Wiki User List page. This page is designed for discussions about the organization or use of the Wiki User List (which obviously does not need a lot of discussing since it's pretty straight forward). If you have a question about this page, this is the place to ask it. If you look at the Recent changes page on this wiki, you will notice that it has been edited quite a lot over time. A wiki is a space for sharing knowledge about the profession so that people can easily find it to answer their own questions. If you'd like to ask as question, a listserv is probably a better space for that. Each technology has its place. Meredith 14:53, 23 April 2008 (EDT)

Forgive me for contributing to the off-topic discussion here, but isn't this the sort of thing that could be discussed on the Community portal page? I noticed that the page is kind of sad and empty and could be used as a sort of general discussion page. (I've seen it used that way on other wikis) -- Gealach 22:47, 8 May 2008 (EDT)