Services for Health Information Consumers

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  • Assessing the information needs of health care providers in rural areas shares strategies that have worked medical librarians as they serve the Native American population in the Four Corners Region.
  • Working with tribal populations to increase access to health information share "lessons learned" from medical librarians working with Native American tribes
  • Kansas GoLocal a collaboration of public, academic, and health sciences libraries building an online locator service for health care resources and services in the state of Kansas
  • Crossing the Religious Divide a partnership between an academic library and a faith-based organization to train caregivers in religious diversity
  • Changing the Face of Medicine shares the practices of a library exhibit and related events to celebrate the contributions of women physicians, to increase community awareness of medicine, and to inspire youth to pursue careers in medicine or health sciences.
  • Aurora Lights
  • Senior Outreach providing on-site health information resources to seniors who patronize a senior center
  • Mobile School Health Information Initiative (MoSHI) a train-the-trainer program to connect K-12 librarians in the St. Louis metropolitan area with credible health information.
  • Utah Consumer Health Information Infrastructure (Utahealthnet)
  • Tribal/Library Health Information Partnerships Libraries partnered with tribal organization(s) in selected communities to develop, implement, and evaluate a program to improve access among health care providers and consumers to knowledge based health information
  • Evidence Based Nursing Training for School and Public Health Nurses Librarians partner with nurses to teach evidence-based nursing to school and public health nurses.
  • 39th Street Crew Librarians partnered with social workers, educators, and others to plan an after-school outreach program for local middle school children.
  • Promotoras de Salud Lay-health advisors in the Latino community receive laptops and training so they can find and share reliable health information with their peers.
  • Services for Older AdultsTips for Providing Quality Services for Older Adults in the area of health information access.
  • Together Prepared : The purpose of this project is to provide improved access to disaster and emergency information for residents of Douglas County, Kansas, with a particular emphasis on assuring that vulnerable populations are served and to improve their access to critical information to help them prepare for, endure, and recover from disasters that may occur in this community in the future.
  • Consumer Health Information Service for the Palm Beach County Library System A collection of health information resources open to the residents of Palm Beach county.