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Place information regarding internet related search engines on this site, including specialized engines and how they are special. Perhaps there is a diamond in the rough here that you haven't heard about.

Search Engine List

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • 43Marks - Search Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia + Your personal bookmarks on one page
  • Teoma
  • Altavista - Somewhat unique-searches for audio and video.
  • A9 - Has a lot of creative features to make you want them as your homepage.
  • Clusty - Vivisimos newer (8-25-05) end user clustering metasearch engine- searches blogs.
  • Compfight - Image search based on Flickr, great for finding creative commons images.
  • Mooter - Creates a "mind map" of related terms to help narrow your search.
  • Singingfish-Searches for audio and video.
  • Blingo - Win prizes as you search! Powered by Google.
  • Grokker - A visually-oriented search engine. Powered by Yahoo.
  • Spezify An interesting visual metasearch engine.
  • - Formerly Ask Jeeves, includes a good engine for image searches.
  • Bing

Scholarly Engines

  • Google Scholar
  • EAD Central - Archivopedia's federated search tool to locate primary source materials at various repositories around the world
  • OAIster
  • SMEALSearch - Business
  • CiteSeer.IST - Computer and information science
  • INFOMINE - Scholarly Internet Resources
  • PubMed - Health sciences
  • Scirus - Science search engine pertaining to biological sciences, medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, environmental sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and more.
  • Citebase - Science
  • Windows Live Academic (Beta) - Computer science, physics, electrical engineering
  • VADLO Search Engine - Search engine for Research methods, Online tools, Databases, Software, and Powerpoint Lectures for all branches of Life sciences and Medicine.
  • Scientillion - Search engine for quantitative science

Health Information Engines

  • PubMed - Mostly citations with or without abstracts, but results also include some full-text. Strongly research-oriented. Service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
  • MedlinePlus - Consumer health information. Service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
  • Health on the Net Medhunt
  • Kosmix - Categorizes results in the left-hand column, making results easier to navigate.
  • - Metasearch engine. Returns combined results from other search engines.
  • Medical and Health Feeds - Search engine to locate medical and health related RSS feeds and podcasts.
  • CiteHealth - Consumer search engine on health care providers. Returns results from it's own search index.
  • MedicalNDX - Metasearch engine. Returns combined results from it's own search index and from other search engines.

Search Utility List

  • AnkaSearch
  • Copernicus Agent
  • WebFerret

Information Sources About Search Engines

  • Search Engine Watch - A site devoted to keeping abreast on the what's what of search engines.
  • Thumbshots Ranking - A web site for comparing search engines with each other.
  • Pandia Search Central - Search engine news, tutuorials; free newsletter.
  • Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need- Search strategies based on an analysis of your topic. Also try NoodleQuest (the interactive version).