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Getting Your Work Noticed By Your Employer

  • Be a self-starter. Offer new ideas backed by research to your supervisor or management team.
  • Follow through with your ideas when approved.
  • Be willing to work on your supervisors's ideas.
  • Submit all the thank you cards that your library clients give you to your supervisor.
  • Write well. Give your supervisor concise, readable reports that make important points without extraneous information.

Getting Your Work Noticed by the Profession

  • Attend local professional meetings regularly.
  • Volunteer to work on committees locally and nationally. Respond positively to the pleas for help that come by email or in library publications.
  • Help with presentations at conferences. You can start by being an assistant who collect evaluation forms or does other small jobs. Talk with the presenterators and hosts.
  • When attending presentations, ask good questions. Be willing to talk to others after presentations end.
  • Network with librarians who share your interests. They will help you share your work with others.

Promoting Your Blog and Getting Noticed Online