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Success Stories

Great Ideas for Children's Programming

Ooey Gooey Science It's a success if more than three kids say, "Oooh, Yuck!" We set up for thirty kids to participate in the projects, and give out about 40 tickets. So far, we have reached almost maximum attendance each time over the last year. We read a yucky story on the theme, handout a paper test or quiz, have several experiments the kids can do, and add one that's a snack. Like edible vomit, or yuck cookies, jello brains etc. For ages 8 and up, this has been highly successful here with both kids and parent. (from the Philip S. Miller Library, Douglas County Libraries, Castle Rock, CO)


Blogs/Websites to Watch

Literature For Kids

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EZ Library Program Database A searchable database of programs created by librarians for children and teens.

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