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*[ Accessible Site Design Guide]
*[ Accessible Site Design Guide]
= Web Editing Tools =
= Web Tools =
== Browsers ==
*[ Browser Archive]
== Editors ==
*[ W3C's Amaya browser/editor]
*[ W3C's Amaya browser/editor]
== URL checkers ==
== Cross-browser Checkers ==
*[ BrowserCam] -- I used this during a redesign process and it was well worth the $$
= Blogs/Websites to Watch =
= Blogs/Websites to Watch =

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Library Website Hall of Fame

Is there a library website with which you are particularly impressed? You can put a link to it here -- with some comments if you'd like.




Successful Re-Design Projects

To view cached pages of a website's previous look, visit: WayBack Machine

Sussex County Department of Libraries, Georgetown, Delaware - New content added, overall design retooled, accessibility and usability incorporated.

Lessons learned: 3.0 - overview of what it took to get a successful overhaul implemented.

UAA/APU Consortium Library '05 Re-Design - overview of process.

Allan Bean Centre Library: A special library in New Zealand for people with spinal injury, brain injury, strokes etc and their families.

University of Washington Libraries 2004 redesign - overview of process

Usability Tips


Accessibility Standards and Guidelines

Accessibility Tools

Accessibility Tips

Web Tools



URL checkers

Cross-browser Checkers

  • BrowserCam -- I used this during a redesign process and it was well worth the $$

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check out

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