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Success Stories

See: Successful Re-Design Projects

List of Tips/Tricks

Blogs/Websites to Watch

  • The Shifted Librarian

General Web Design Resources

  • Style Gala
  • Return of Design
  • A List Apart
  • Web Designer Tools - Has a great color scheme generator
  • Essential Fonts for Designers
  • 4096 Color Wheel

Cool Things You Can Copy for Your Own Site

  • Listmatic, one list, many optioms.
  • Layout-o-matic
  • Little Boxes
  • CSS Page Layouts
  • Free Web Templates
  • CSS Templates
  • Free Menu Designs
  • Ruthsarian Layouts
  • Drop-Down Menus, Horizontal Style - from A List Apart
  • CSS Rounded Box Generator


  • The CSS Playground
  • Position is Everything - great list of articles on the subject
  • Real World Style
  • CSS Directory
  • Cascading Style Cheatsheet
  • CSS Property Index
  • CSS Panic Guide
  • CSS Zen Garden
  • CSS, Accessibility and Standards Links - "Links that will save you from an aneurism."


  • php.net - official documentation with user notes
  • PHP Tutorial - educational resource for beginners
  • Hostmatrix - A free web host with a user community that helps users learn PHP. I used it to learn web design and PHP. The more involved in the discussion board you are, the more free hosting resources you are allowed.
  • PHP MySQL Hosting - Web Hosting Company which supports all version of PHP in accordance to the requirements of the the clients.
  • Tizag.com - extensive yet beginner-friendly code tutorials and libraries
  • W3Schools.com - simple, easy-to-understand tutorials and code libraries


  • Unobtrusive Javascript - best practices and tutorial

Image Repositories

  • BigFoto
  • Flickr
  • Image*After
  • morgueFile
  • Open Clip Art Library
  • Open Photo
  • PixelPerfect Digital
  • Stock Exchange
  • iStockphoto ($1 royalty-free)
  • Royalty Free Stock Photos - $.99 or subscriptions available

Image Generators

  • Image Chef
  • Graffiti Creator
  • Wordle
  • Spell with Flickr
  • Generator Blog
  • Image Mosaic Generator
  • Shape Collage
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