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Mission Statement: Radical Reference is a collective of volunteer library workers who believe in social justice and equality. We support activist communities, progressive organizations, and independent journalists by providing professional research support, education and access to information. We work in a collaborative virtual setting and are dedicated to information activism to foster a more egalitarian society. About Radical Reference

Radical Reference began as part of the counter-protest against Republication National Convention in August 2004.

Success Stories

Blogs/Websites to Watch

  • Radical Reference the website of a collective of library workers who provide radical reference services online and offline. The site also includes a blog with posts about radical reference.

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

  • Radical Reference and the Future of Academic Librarianship by Rochelle Mazar. Note that this article is not about the group Radical Reference, but about radicalizing reference practice in general.
  • Out of the Stacks and Into the Streets: Radical Librarians Provide Movement With References
  • A marriage of minds James R. Jacobs & Shinjoung Yeo. Library Journal, March 15 2005.
  • Radical Reference in the News Index of articles about RR, volunteers, and activities.