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Podcasting is a simple means of distributing audio content over the Internet, taking advantage of the power of RSS. Content consumers (end-users) can subscribe to a feed of a producer's audio content and receive automatic downloads of new content as it is made available online. A more comprehensive discussion of podcasting can be found in the Wikipedia entry on podcasting.

For the library that works hard to produce audio content such as recordings of programs or library tours, podcasting can be an effective means of making that content more widely available.

The following is a list of libraries and affiliated organizations that are currently podcasting and offering selected podcast resources service:

  • Arizona State University Libraries (podcast feed) √ 13 August 2012
  • Booktalks Quick and Simple (podcast feed) √ 13 August 2012
  • Bridgewater State College (Selected Podcast Resources) √ 13 August 2012
  • Contra Costa County Library story time and chapter-a-week podcasts (podcast feed) √ 13 August 2012
  • Cornell University Library, Albert R Mann Library Event podcasts (Events podcast feed) √ 13 August 2012
  • County of Los Angeles Public Library Teen Podcast (multiple feeds)
  • Curtin University of Technology Library and Information Service (multiple feeds)
  • Davenport Public Library (podcast feed)
  • DeKalb County Public Library, GA (podcast feed)
  • Denver Public Library (podcast feed)
  • Dowling College Library Omnibus (podcast feed)
  • Elon University Library(podcast feed)
  • Emory University Woodruff Library (podcast feed)
  • GPC Decatur Campus Library (podcast feed)
  • Grand Rapids Public Library
  • The Infopeople Project (podcast feed)
  • Kankakee Public Library (podcast feed)
  • Lansing Public Library (multiple feeds) and branded version of the podcatcher Juice with our feeds preloaded!
  • Lewis & Clark Law School Podcasts (by the Boley Law Library) (podcast feed)
  • Lincoln City Libraries (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  • The Lunar and Planetary Institute (podcast feed)
  • Manchester Public Library (multiple feeds, including a videocast feed)
  • Mercer University (Atlanta) Library (podcast feed)
  • Memorial Hall Library (podcast feed)
  • Mohawk College Library (podcast feed)
  • Moraine Valley Community College (podcast feed)
  • Mount Kisco Library (podcast feed)
  • Muskingum College Library (podcast feed)
  • National Library of Medicine (podcast feed)
  • Ohio University Libraries (podcast feed)
  • The OPLIN 4cast Podcast Columbus, OH
  • Orange County Library Orlando, FL (audio and video feeds)
  • PALINET Technology Conversations (podcast feed)
  • PALINET IR Conversations(podcast feed)
  • Pierce County Library (podcast feed)
  • Pritzker Military Library (podcast feed)
  • Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (podcast feed)
  • The Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University (podcast feed)
  • St. Tammany Parish Library St. Tammany Parish, La.(podcast feed)
  • Sunnyvale Public Library (podcast feed)
  • Thomas Ford Memorial Library Click-A-Story (podcast feed)
  • Thomas Ford Memorial Library Audio Reviews by Teens (podcast feed)
  • Tisch Talks (http://podcasts.uit.tufts.edu/rss/129/129.rss])
  • (University of California, Santa Cruz University Library (podcast feed)
  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro Libraries (podcast feed)
  • Washington State University Libraries (podcast feed)
  • Western Kentucky University Libraries (podcast feed)
  • Wisconsin State Legislature - Legislative Reference Bureau (podcast feed)
  • WPI's George C. Gordon Library Audio to Go (podcast feed)
  • Wadsworth Public Library (podcast feed)

The following are School libraries that are currently podcasting or using podcast resources:

  • Creekview High School (podcast feed)
  • Dryden Middle School/High School (podcast feed)
  • Hopkinton High School (podcast feed)
  • Parkrose High School
  • San Mateo High School (podcast feed)
  • Silver Creek High School (podcast feed)
  • Teasley Middle School(podcast feed)
  • Whitney Point High School
  • New Canaan High School Library ([1])

For a list of podcasts that are aimed at or should be of interest to library staff, see the "Podcasts" page in LISWiki.

How To Podcast (general advice)

  • http://www.gabcast.com/ This free service makes it incredibly easy to do a podcast. Simply call in via phone to record and publish your podcast.
  • http://odeo.com/ Odeo is a free service that allows for uploading MP3 files as well as calling in via a phone to record and publish your podcast.
  • Podcasting Tutorial Easy to use podcasting tutorial and software that walks users through the process of setting up a podcast feed.
  • Podcasting Tools Collection of podcasting tools and educational articles to assist podcasters.
  • Podseek.net is a members-based Podcasting Directory full of resources for Podcasters. Podcasters can find listings and information related to: Podsafe music - Production - Windows & Mac software - complete Podcast solutions for beginners - list of Podcasting Directories - Podcasting instructions. Podseek members can rate, vote on, and write reviews of other Podcasts(ers) in the PodSeek Directory, bookmark their favorite Podcasting sites, and post questions and answers to the Podcasting Forums. The latest news on upcoming events and current products related to Podcasting can also be found on Podseek.
  • Voices.com Podcasting How-to Guide. Free 16 page guide on how to start your own podcast.

Podcast-friendly music

  • Internet Archive
  • Podsafe Audio
  • Podsafe Music Network
  • Magnatune

Audio/Video Editing Software

  • Audacity (free, Mac/Windows/Linux, audio recording/editing)
  • Camtasia (Mac/Windows, audio/video recording/editing)
  • Garageband (part of iLife suite, Mac only, audio recording/editing)

Podcatching Software

  • iTunes (free, Mac/Windows, podcatcher)

Syndication Software

  • Wordpress (free, podcast publishing)
  • Podpress (free, Wordpress plugin for podcasters)
  • Podcasting (free, Wordpress plugin for podcasting)


A good way to publicize your podcast is to enter it into one of the many podcast directories. Here are just a few:

  • iTunes podcast directory
  • Feed Shark
  • Podcast Alley
  • The Education Podcast Network
  • Podcast directory for educators, schools, and colleges

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How To Podcast (for libraries)

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