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*'''Lisa Wallis''', University of Illinois at Chicago, AIM/Yahoo!: lwallisuic ; MSN: ; gtalk:
*'''Lisa Wallis''', University of Illinois at Chicago, AIM/Yahoo!: lwallisuic ; MSN: ; gtalk:
*'''Jessamyn West''', AIM: iamthebestartist Yahoo/MSN: jessamyn_west gtalk: jessamyn[at]
*'''Jessamyn West''', AIM: iamthebestartist Yahoo/MSN: jessamyn_west gtalk: jessamyn[at]
*'''Andrew Whitis''', Muskingum College Library (Ohio), [ library+instruction+technology] AIM/Yahoo: askwhitis
*'''Laurie Woo''', Newton Free Library (MA), AIM: lauriewoo9
*'''Laurie Woo''', Newton Free Library (MA), AIM: lauriewoo9
*'''Barb Wright''', Weld Library District, CO, Yahoo/MSN: barbeenie
*'''Barb Wright''', Weld Library District, CO, Yahoo/MSN: barbeenie
*'''Chris Zammarelli''', [ Libraryola], AIM/Yahoo:  shrillczar ; MSN: ; gtalk:
*'''Chris Zammarelli''', [ Libraryola], AIM/Yahoo:  shrillczar ; MSN: ; gtalk:
*'''Mary Rose Loria''', International School Manila, Philippines, Yahoo/MSN:  robyn0410 ; gtalk:
*'''Mary Rose Loria''', International School Manila, Philippines, Yahoo/MSN:  robyn0410 ; gtalk:

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Are you a librarian? Are you interested in chatting and collaborating with other librarians? Do you have an IM handle? If so, feel free to add it to this list! Note: Please try to keep the list in alphabetical order.

  • Steve Backs, Monroe County Public Library (Indiana), AIM/Gtalk: stivab, Yahoo: stivabmcpl
  • Derik A Badman, Temple University, Madinkbeard, AIM/Yahoo: derikbad
  • Moreno Barros, ExtraLibris Brazil, AIM: morenopissedoff  ; MSN: moreno.barros[at]
  • Laura Blalock, Tennessee Technical University, Creative Librarian AIM: auricelest, GTalk: lablalock [at], Jabber: laura [at], skype: lablalock
  • Chad Boeninger, Ohio University Libraries, Library Voice AIM & Yahoo IM: cfboeninger
  • Stephen Boggs, New Carlisle - Olive Township Public Library, New Carlisle, Indiana, [1] AIM: ncpl, Yahoo IM: sbatncpl2002
  • Michelle Boule, University of Houston, A Wandering Eyre AIM: LeFey6 GTalk: mboule [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Michael L. Bradford, Harvard Divinity School, Library Despot 2.0, AIM: libdespot
  • Stephanie (Willen) Brown, University of Connecticut & adjunct professor, Simmons GSLIS, UConn IM: ERLStephanie; also CogSciLibrarian IM: cogscilibrarian
  • Adam Burke, Waubonsee Community College, AIM/Yahoo: adamthelibrarian, MSN: adamthelibarian [at]
  • Anna Burke, Babson College, AIM: bananarama667, GTalk: amalthea67 [at]
  • Michael Casey, LibraryCrunch, AIM: librarycrunch
  • Darren Chase, Secret Library Workers Union, AIM: secretlibrary, Y!M: shushyourself
  • Mary Carmen Chimato, Indie Rock Librarian, AIM/YIM: mcc6676
  • Charles Cobine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, AIM: CharCobi, GTalk: cobine [at]
  • Rob Coers, Coers Internet Trainingen (Netherlands), MSN:coers, GTalk: robcoers, Yahoo!: robcoers
  • Karen A. Coombs, University of Houston Libraries, Library Web Chic, AIM/Skype: librarywebchic, GTalk: librarywebchic[at]
  • Anna Creech, eclectic librarian, Central Washington University, AIM: creechal, Y!M: anna_creech, MSN:, GTalk: eclecticlibrarian [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Laura Crossett, lis.dom, Meeteetse Branch Library (WY), AIM: theblackmolly, Y!M: lcrossett
  • Marlène Delhaye, Université Paul Cezanne Libraries (Aix-en-Provence,France),Marlene's corner, AIM : ebibliothecaire
  • Ryan Deschamps, Halifax Public Libraries (Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA), The Other Librarian, AIM : Greebiemaster, MSN: GreebieMaster
  • Nanette Donohue, Skills Like This, AIM: nanetteamplified, Y!M: amplifiedtorock
  • Bill Drew,Morrisville State College, BabyBoomerLibrarian, AIM:BillDrew4
  • Donna Ekart, Kansas State University Libraries, gtalk: dfekart[at], MSN: dfekart[at]
  • Julie Elliott, Indiana University South Bend, i prefer reading, AIM: jmfelli, Yahoo: jmfelli
  • Amanda Etches-Johnson, McMaster University (ON),, AIM/Skype: torontolibrarian, MSN: amanda[at], yahoo!: etches_johnson
  • Meredith Farkas, Norwich University (VT), Information Wants To Be Free, AIM & MSN: librarianmer, gtalk: mgfarkas [at]
  • Darlene Fichter, University of Saskatchewan, Blog on the Side, AIM: darlenefichter, MSN:darlene.fichter[at]
  • Susan Fisher, Alameda County Library (CA), AIM/Yahoo: librariantalking
  • Stephen Francoeur, Baruch College (NY), Digital Reference, AIM: frogheart1966, gtalk: frogheart [at]
  • David Free, Georgia Perimeter College (GA), AIM: dwfree1967, gtalk: dwfree[at]
  • Beth Gallaway, Metrowest MA Regional Library System (MA), AIM: rimeswith0range, gtalk/Skype/Yahoo!/ICQ: informationgoddess29[at]
  • Michael J. Giarlo, Technosophia, University of Washington Libraries, AIM: Leftwing42, ICQ: 155845798, Yahoo: mjg_work, GTalk: michael.giarlo[at]
  • Wally Grotophorst, George Mason University, iNode, AIM: dodichaser
  • Chad Haefele,, Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville, AIM: ThunderclapEight, gtalk: chad.haefele[at]
  • Susan Hansen, Rochester Public Library, AIM: bkworm042
  • Rochelle Hartman, Tinfoil+Raccoon, [ LJ Tech Blog; AIM: queenolibryland; Yahoo!: rhartmanbpl
  • Robin Hastings, Missouri River Regional Library, Jefferson City Missouri, AIM:; Yahoo/MSN: hastingsr_mrrl; gtalk:
  • Rebecca Hedreen, Frequently Answered Questions HomePage Southern Connecticut State University (CT) for online students and faculty, AIM: disedlibrarian, MSN: hedreenr1[at], Skype: delibrarian, GTalk: delibrarian[at]
  • Jeanne Hickling, INCOLSA, MSN: jeanne_inc[at], Gtalk: jhickling[at]
  • Starr Hoffman, geekyartistlibrarian, Starr's ePortfolio, University of North Texas Libraries, Yahoo!IM: geekyartistlibrarian, AIM: artgeeklibrarian, Gtalk: geekyartistlibrarian, Trillian: geekyartistlibrarian
  • Amanda Hollister, SUNY Cortland, AIM: cortlandweblib
  • RoseMary Honnold, See YA Around, yahoo:cplrmh,, ICQ:1048318
  • Poliana Irizarry, Temple Law School, AIM: polianananana
  • Iris Jastram, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Carleton College, GTalk: ijastram[at]
  • Nathan Johnson,, AIM: nate kong, gtalk: natezilla [at]
  • Gretchen Keer, Montgomery County Community College (PA), AIM: gik36, GTalk: gretchenkeer[at]
  • Rebekah Kilzer, Systems Librarian, The Ohio State University Libraries, and adjunct at Drexel University, Yahoo: rebekahkilzer
  • David King,, Kansas City Public Library, AIM: squagmar, skype: davidleeking, Yahoo: daweedrex, gtalk: davidleeking[at], MSN: davidking[at]
  • Marianne Kruppa,, St. Joseph County Public Library. AIM: sjcplskagirlie, Yahoo!: skagirlie37, GTalk: skagirlie
  • Meghan Lafferty, University of Minnesota Science and Engineering Library, AIM: umchemlib, GTalk: meghan.lafferty, MSN: lafferty73[at]
  • Jennifer Lang, Electronic Resources Cataloger, Princeton University Library, AIM/MSN/Yahoo!: cellolang
  • Jessica Langlois, Reference / YA Librarian, libraryland, AIM/Yahoo!: jaycie29, Skype: coollibrarian
  • Matti Lassila, Web Services Designer, (FIN) GTalk: matti.lassila[at]
  • Steve Lawson, Colorado College Tutt Library, See Also, AIM & Yahoo!: tuttlawson
  • Rudy Leon, SUNY Potsdam, AIM: leonre3309, Yahoo: rudileon, Gtalk: rudy.leon
  • Jenny Levine, Metropolitan Library System, The Shifted Librarian, AIM: cybrarygal
  • Mark Lindner, Student, GSLIS, UIUC ...the thoughts are broken..., AIM: markthoughts
  • Brian Mathews, Georgia Tech Library Alt Ref Blog, AIM: BrianGTlibrary
  • Paul Mayes, Asst Director, University of Teesside, England, MSN: paul_mayes[at], AIM: paul mayes tees, Skype: paulmayes, GTalk: paul.mayes[at]
  • Paul Miller, Talis, (UK) AIM and iChat (with audio and video):talis_paul[at], MSN and GTalk: paul.miller71[at]
  • Michele Mizejewski, San Francisco, (CA) AIM: michele94107, iChat (with audio and video)
  • Joy Weese Moll, Wanderings, Washington University Libraries, AIM: WULibrarianJoy, Yahoo: WULibrarianJoy, MSN: joyweesemoll at yahoo dot com
  • Joshua M. Neff, Olathe Public Library, the goblin in the library, MSN: figaro9[at], Yahoo!: joshua_neff, gtalk: joshuamneff, Skype: joshuamneff
  • Carrie Newsom, University of Florida Marston Science Library, AIM: clonewsom, Y!M: newsomzz GTalk: newsomz
  • Steve Oberg, Endeavor Information Systems, Inc., part-time instructor, UIUC GSLIS, and Family Man Librarian; AIM (and iChat): sjoberg67, Gmail: steve.oberg [at], Yahoo: steve_oberg
  • Eileen O'Hara, Drake Memorial Library, SUNY Brockport AIM: OHaraLibr
  • Gina Persichini, Idaho State Library, AIM and Yahoo!: GinaISL
  • Scott Pfitzinger, BiblioTech Web, Butler University, DawgBlog, AIM & Yahoo: pfitzlib, GTalk: spfitzinger
  • Christina Pikas, Christina's LIS Rant, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; change 6/06: during working hours use first.last@ initials for where I work .edu, AIM: Christina Pikas0, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk: cpikas
  • Paul Pival, The Distant Librarian, University of Calgary, AIM: libconnection, Yahoo: lib_connection, MSN: libconnection [at], Skype: libcon, GTalk: ppival
  • Lauren Pressley, lauren's library blog, (NC) AIM: laurenpressley, iChat: lmpressl, Yahoo: laurenmpressley
  • Elena Prigoda, University of Toronto Libraries. Ontario, Canada AIM: elenaATgerstein MSN: elena.prigoda [at] Yahoo: eprigoda, Google Talk: elena.prigoda [at]
  • Lichen Rancourt, Remaining Relevant, University of New Hampshire Library, AIM & yahoo messenger: lichenrancourt
  • Isobel Rancier, VR Librarian, NAIT Library, Edmonton, AB, Canada, MSN:
  • Tom Reinsfelder, Penn State Mont Alto. Penn State Mont Alto Library, AIM: MontAltoLibrary MSN: MontAltoLibrary Yahoo: MontAltoLibrary
  • marcus roesner, VR librarian @ LibraryCo Inc. Ontario, Canada., AIM: inetliber MSN: Yahoo: inetlib gtalk: ICQ 9971915 (MSN:
  • Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, SC State Library, AIM: curtisrogrs
  • Jenica Rogers, Thinking Out Loud AIM: Jenica26
  • Michael Sauers, AIM: msauers1, Yahoo!: msauers, MSN:
  • Aaron Schmidt, AIM: XXagentcooperXX
  • Eric Schnell, Personal Website The Medium is the Message Prior Health Sciences Library, The Ohio State University. GTalk and MSN: eric.schnell[at]
  • Dorothea Salo, Caveat Lector, AIM: gmumars
  • Greg Schwartz, Open Stacks, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN: planetneutral
  • Greg Sennema, TechnoLibrarian,, gtalk: technolibrarian
  • Kate Sherrill, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana - Southwest, AIM/Yahoo: KateSherrill gtalk: KateSherrill[at]
  • Karl G. Siewert, Txt-based Blogging, AIM: yoyology; gtalk: yoyology[at]
  • Rachel Singer Gordon,, AIM: rachelsgordon, Yahoo!: lib_rachel
  • Kevin Smith, The Fiddling Librarian 3.0 Cass District Library, AIM: cassref, Yahoo!: fiddlinglibrarian, gtalk: ashkev [at]
  • Alec Sonsteby, Librarians at the Gate, AIM: AlecSonsteby
  • Kelli Staley, 'Brary Web Diva, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN: nomextra
  • Sarah Steiner, Georgia State University AIM, MSN, & Yahoo!: ssteinergsu
  • Michael Stephens,, (IN) AIM: mstephens7mac
  • Lars G. Svensson, AIM: SvenssonLarsG, gtalk: lars.g.svensson [at]
  • Roy Tennant,, AIM: roytennant1234
  • Ingrid Thomson, University of Cape Town Libraries Librarianonaquest MSN: librarianthomson [at], gtalk: thomson.ingrid [at]
  • Karen Ulric, Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union(NJ) AIM: LibrarianPower or wasagooze
  • Patty Uttaro, Ogden Farmers' Library, AIM: PatriciaU524 or scotchblossom ; MSN: cosmosgrrl
  • Ken Varnum, RSS4Lib, AIM: kvarnum
  • Felicia Vereen, South Carolina State Library, AIM: FDVereen
  • Rita Vine, University of Toronto Libraries and, AIM: ritathelibrarian; Yahoo: ritavine; GoogleTalk: ritavine(AT) ; MSM: rita.vine(AT)
  • Teri Vogel, SDLibrarian, University of California - San Diego, AIM/Yahoo: tmvogel2
  • Sherri Vokey, University of Toronto, ::schwagbag::, AIM/iChat: IIsherrivokeyII
  • Lisa Wallis, University of Illinois at Chicago, AIM/Yahoo!: lwallisuic ; MSN: ; gtalk:
  • Jessamyn West, AIM: iamthebestartist Yahoo/MSN: jessamyn_west gtalk: jessamyn[at]
  • Andrew Whitis, Muskingum College Library (Ohio), library+instruction+technology AIM/Yahoo: askwhitis
  • Laurie Woo, Newton Free Library (MA), AIM: lauriewoo9
  • Barb Wright, Weld Library District, CO, Yahoo/MSN: barbeenie
  • Chris Zammarelli, Libraryola, AIM/Yahoo: shrillczar ; MSN: ; gtalk:
  • Mary Rose Loria, International School Manila, Philippines, Yahoo/MSN: robyn0410 ; gtalk:
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