Learning 2.0 Program

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This staff training program, Learning 2.0 was created to encourage the PLCMC library staff to learn and explore new web technologies that are particularly associated with the Web 2.0 mode of interacting and accessing information on the Internet -- blogging, wikis, photo/video sharing, podcasting, tagging, among others.

Creators of the program, Helene Blowers, PLCMC Technology Director, and staff, have encouraged free dissemination of the content of the program in its entirety under the Creative Commons license.

The original impetus for the project may have been just more staff training, but the resulting program focuses more on the learning rather than the training with an emphasis on hands-on activities, fun, and sharing. The addition of prizes really adds a spark to the process too.

Since its inception in 2006, over 250 libraries have launched the program.

But the story doesn't end here. Enter Learning 2.1: Explore ... Discover ... Play ...