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*MIT's own [ DSpace implementation]  
*MIT's own [ DSpace implementation]  
*[ SMARTech] at Georgia Tech
*[ SMARTech] at Georgia Tech
*RIT's [ DSpace implementation]- still in the works]
= Blogs/Websites to Watch =
= Blogs/Websites to Watch =

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Success Stories


  • CDSware - CERN Document Server Software from Switzerland published under the GPL.
  • DSpace - a digital repository system developed by MIT and HP that is in use at many institutions.
  • Fedora - repository software developed Cornell University and the University of Virginia.
  • GNU EPrints - online archival software published under the GPL.

Great Examples

Blogs/Websites to Watch

  • Open Access News: news from the Open Access movement. The most complete blog about OA, edited by Peter Suber.
  • D-Lib Magazine: An impressive electronic journal about digital library development.
  • Sherpa: A project to set up institutional repositories in the UK

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

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