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Success Stories

  • Hagerdorn, Kat Looking for Pearls of Information. Research Information (March/April 2005).
  • Misek, Marla, "eScholars of the World, Unite! The University of California Revolutionizes Publishing Paradigm" EContent (March 2004).

Repositories in LIS

Repositories of pre-prints, Open Access, conference papers and other materials in LIS

  • dLIST
  • E-LIS
  • Archives SIC (French archive in Communication and Information Sciences)
  • Librarians Digital Library


  • CDSware - CERN Document Server Software from Switzerland published under the GPL.
  • DSpace - a digital repository system developed by MIT and HP that is in use at many institutions.
  • Fedora - repository software developed Cornell University and the University of Virginia.
  • GNU EPrints - online archival software published under the GPL.
  • DoKS software - DOcument and Knowledge Sharing application.

Commercial Software

  • Digital Commons- by Bepress.
  • Digital Media Archive Technology - by Sirsi.
  • Digitool - by Ex Libris.
  • Symposia - by Innovative Interfaces

Great Examples

  • University of California's eScholarship Repository
  • Cornell University Library Technical Reports and Papers
  • MIT's own DSpace implementation
  • SMARTech at Georgia Tech
  • RIT's DSpace implementation- still in the works]
  • ScholarWorks at Boise State University
  • SIT Study Abroad/SIT Graduate Institute's DigitalCollections@SIT - using BePress's Digital Commons
  • University of Nebraska's Digital Commons repository

Blogs/Websites to Watch

  • Open Access News: news from the Open Access movement. The most complete blog about OA, edited by Peter Suber.
  • D-Lib Magazine: An impressive electronic journal about digital library development.
  • Sherpa: A project to set up institutional repositories in the UK

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

  • Vol.33, no. 3 (2005) issue of "Reference Services Review," will be a special issue about "the role of the reference librarian in the development, management, dissemination, and sustainability of institutional repositories." Read a pre-print of Charles W. Bailey's "The role of reference librarians in institutional repositories"
  • Institutional Repositories: Essential Infrastructure for Scholarship in the Digital Age by Clifford Lynch.
  • Where Do We Go From Here? The Next Decade for Digital Libraries by Clifford Lynch in D-Lib Magazine, July/August 2005.
  • Understanding Faculty to Improve Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories by Nancy Fried Foster and Susan Gibbons, University of Rochester. In D-Lib Magazine, January 2005.
  • Institutional Repositories: Hidden Treasures by Miriam A. Drake in Searcher Magazine, May 2004.
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