Info Island II

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Info Island II is a piece of virtual property located withing the 3D virtual world, Second Life. Info Island II is associated with the SecondLife Library 2.0 project, begun by Illinois' Alliance Library System and maintained by volunteers from all over the world.

The information below is taken from a notecard that users are given at the Welcome Center on Info Island in Second Life.

Features, landmarks and services on Info Island II are listed below. Please feel free to look around the island and ask questions of any Librarian you may see. Some of us are new too, but we will be glad to try to get an answer for you!

InfoIsland II is an island generally reserved for exhibits, although Bradly University and SlQuery are also located on this island.

There are science, art, and historical exhibits located on this island.

  • Demonstration of color blindness.
  • university
  • museum
  • photography gallery
  • art gallery for SL artists
  • writing center
  • Library of Congress Exhibits
  • movie and performance theater
  • science exhibits
  • computer center
  • historical exhibit