Extended Orientation Seminar

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== Ohio University ==
== Ohio University ==
Ohio University
Ohio University:
4+/pub/lge //
Contact: Sherri Saines
Contact: Sherri Saines

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Extended Orientation Seminar Course Description

"Sometimes called a freshman orientation, college survival, college transition, or student success course. Content likely will include introduction to campus resources, time managment, academic and career planning, learning strategies, and an introduction to student development issues."

Approaches at Different Institutions

Bowling Green State University

Instructors for this course can choose from a variety of library resources designed specifically for this course. These activities are either lead by the instructor or designed to be self-directed learning experience that the student completes on their own outside of class time. http://www.bgsu.edu/colleges/library/assistance/page41131.html

Ohio University

Ohio University: 4+/pub/lge // Contact: Sherri Saines

It's Not All on Google: the library Experience

This Library Experience teaches students that "Everything is Not On Google" in an online interactive tutorial. This takes about 45 minutes to work through.


FindOUt First: New Sudents' Blog

A resource blog for First Year students, tied to the FYE classes. Each week's topic is a category, and during the fall term we add a new entry weekly for the current topic. The rest of the year, we just add things as they occur. Link.

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