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* Academic Library
* Academic Library
** [[Banned Books: Two Displays]]
* Public Library
* Public Library
** [[Best Books Ever Written: According to Me]] - Variations on Staff Picks.
** [[Best Books Ever Written: According to Me]] - Variations on Staff Picks.

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[edit] Success Stories

Did you coordinate a successful exhibit? Plan an opening reception? Tell us about it!

[edit] Online Resources

[edit] Tips

How do you get the job done?

[edit] Project Management

[edit] Collaborating with other library staff.

[edit] Collaborating with people from outside the library

[edit] Links to Photos of Your Library Displays

A discussion on book displays (complete with photographs) began on 17 May 2006 at webjunction. Tips are included for acquiring inexpensive props to draw attention to the display. http://www.webjunction.org/forums/click.jspa?searchID=7311&messageID=29400 I don't have a photo but one of my most successful displays had a poster that said "I don't remember the title, but the cover was red". I set up the display with the poster and as many "red" fiction titles that the table would hold. The books flew off the table and the display had to be replenished daily!

[edit] Recommended Reading

Know of any good books on creating displays on a small budget? Please tell us about them here!

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