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Alliance Second Life Library and InfoIsland are exciting projects requiring the help of a great number of wonderful volunteers.

If you would like to make a contribution of your time to this project, please contact either Lorelei Junot or Abbey Zenith in SecondLife.

Volunteer Coordinator

Match people with their interests! Central person to organize volunteer program. Requirements: 2 -3 hours per week Receive names of people who wish to volunteer and put them in contact with the proper person for the area of their interest.


Greeters can be anyone with a desire to help out by being friendly, giving out basic info. (like directions). Training Provided. Requirement: 2 hours per week

Greeter Coordinator

Requirement: 2 hours per week Organize, train, and schedule greeters. Training Provided.


Lead tour groups around the main island. Tours can be accomplished by a Tour Guide HUD which does the typing for you or tours can be typed as you go. Training provided. Requirement: 1 hour per week

Guide Coordinator

Requirement: 2-4 hours per week Organize, train, schedule greeters, lead some tours. Training provided


Requirement: 2 hours per week, MLIS required. Answer reference questions via AV interaction, and IMs.


Requirement: 2 hours per week, MLIS required. Catalog collections of [[Info Island I| InfoIsland] and the Consumer Health Island.


Requirement: 2 hours per week. Trainers, instructors needed for SecondLife and Continuing Education. Experience required.


Requirement: 2 hours per week. MLIS or LIS student. Areas: Main Library - Building book, audiobook collection.

  • Parvenu Tower - collection development in the following areas:
    • Business
    • Academic
    • Humanities
    • Science
    • Gov Docs
    • Genealogy
    • Special Collections
    • Law
    • GLBTQ
    • Suggestions for areas?
  • Sci-Fi - collections, programs, book talks.
  • Mystery Manor - collection development, book talks, programing. Requirement 2 hours per week.
  • Caledon Branch - reference, collections, exhibits, book talks, events, programs. Requirement 2 hours per week.