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Second Life Community Virtual Library project
This project started in April 2006 with the Alliance Library System in East Peoria, Illinois to explore library services in the 3D environment of Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world that is owned and maintained by its residents; there are over 2.3 million residents as of January 2007. In 2010 ownership of the project was transfered to a non-profit organization, Community Virtual Library.

Four core islands, sims or pieces of virtual property, are owned or managed as a part of the Community Virtual Library: Info Island, Info Island International, Cybrary City II and Imagination Island (Racehlville and Mythica). The information linked above comes from an information kiosk on Info Island, inside SecondLife. For corrections or additions, please send an IM inside SecondLife to Abbey Zenith.

NB: SecondLife time (SL Time) is Pacific Time, or GMT -8.

You can move around InfoIsland by using the Teleport System or through landmarks included in the welcome notecard.

If you need help, look for an avatar wearing a "Librarian" group tag. Librarians are often new too, but we will be glad to help you if we can.

We can help you locate resources, answer reference questions, give directions, answer some SL questions, offer landmarks or suggestions on other SL places to visit. We are not employees of Linden Lab, we are volunteer librarians from all parts of the globe.

Don't forget you can get SL help by going to Help on your tool bar in the SecondLife application and choosing the best option for your needs. Landmarks that will teleport you to Help Island and New Citizens Plaza are available in the Welcome notecard on Info Island.

If you would like to help out, there are many opportunities for volunteers.

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