Utah Consumer Health Information Infrastructure (Utahealthnet)

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Project Goal

Create a model for development of a statewide consumer health information infrastructure facilitating collaboration and communication in order to provide access to customized resources, services and programs for health information consumers and health professionals supporting their patients throughout the State of Utah


I. Foster collaboration among Utah’s health information providers: The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library will partner with the Utah Department of Health, Telemedicine Outreach Program and the Utah State Library Division, to be joined by other health information partners

II. Utilize advanced data networking and telecommunications technologies to provide access to health information for consumers and health care providers throughout the state

III. Develop educational resources and services, training and promotion to facilitate access to high quality, understandable and useful consumer health information statewide

IV. Build an ongoing assessment/evaluation component supporting continuing program development and refinement

Context in which it has been successful

The objectives of the Utah Consumer Health Information Infrastructure (Utahealthnet) project were accomplished. Because it was not a research project, there are no studies or results to report. The project web site is: [1]

Evidence of Success and Level of outcome it helped to achieve

1. Utahealthnet promotional materials received an Honorable Mention at the Medical Library Association (MLA) meeting in San Antonio

2. Resulted in several papers and presentations at professional meetings a. Patrick, S. “Somewhere Between the Monster Truck Pull & Desperate Housewives: Successful Marketing Connects Web Media to Health Information Consumers”. MLA annual conference, Chicago, May 18, 2008. b. Patrick, S., Workman, L., “Unique Collaboration! Utahealthnet, goLocalUtah & the Center of Excellence in Women’s Health/VIII=Women’s Health Resources Directory, MLA annual conference, Philadelphia, May 21, 2007 c. Patrick, S, Workman, L. “Information Delivery for Utah Citizens: The Utahealthnet & goLocalUtah Experience”. Utah Library Association Annual conference, Provo, Utah, May 17, 2007. d. Patrick, S, Workman, L. “Information Delivery for Utah Citizens: The Utahealthnet & goLocalUtah Experience”. Library and Information (LIFT) Technology Forum, Eccles Library, September 13, 2006. e. Patrick, S, Bramble, JC, Craigle, V “Innovative Access to Consumer Health Information: Partnerships Lead the Way. MLA annual conference, Phoenix, May, 22, 2006. f. Lombardo, N, Patrick, S, Digre, K, “Changing Roles: Eccles Health Sciences Library Takes Prominent Role in Health Sciences Center’s Center of Excellence in Women’s Health. MLA annual conference, Phoenix, May 21, 2006. g. Gregory JM, Bramble J, Patrick S, Reid A, Craigle V, Salmond C, Birks A, Utah Health Info Direct (UHID) Pilot Project: Customizing ILLiad to Meet the Needs of Specialized Clientele. ILLiad International Conference, OCLC, Dublin, OH, March 16, 2006. h. Community Health Information Partnership Symposium (CHIPS) panel member, Mid-Continental Regional Medical Library, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, October 11, 2005

3. The Utahealthnet collaborative project had 42 active partners who contribute web content and consumer health expertise through Utahealthnet associations statewide.

4. The Eccles Library, and specifically its role in consumer health information, has been a primary partner in two NIH/H.H.S. Office on Women’s Health (OWH) nationally funded projects.

5. Utahealthnet serves as the health information portal and full contributing partner for these two projects: a. The Center of Excellence in Women’s Health Region VIII b. Utahealthnet is the consumer health portal for the clinical center at the Madsen Clinic, University Health Care. c. Utah Women’s Health Information Network (UWIN)

6. The use of the collaborative website [[2]] has increased significantly over the life of the funded project and is starting 2009 with yet another rise. The year 2007 showed an even greater increase with a successful web media marketing initiative. While the subsequent year’s use declined slightly, the marketing effort served to “get the word out” and increased the website usage nearly four fold. Utahealthnet is linked on numerous statewide clinical and patient education portals, most notably the Utah Department of Health’s “My Health Care in Utah” http://www.health.utah.gov/myhealthcare/


Erica Lake Associate Director Hope Fox Eccles Health Library University of Utah Health Care University Hospital 50 North Medical Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84132 801.581.4685 [email protected] http://healthcare.utah.edu/hospital/library/