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I've noticed that Microblogging is becoming increasingly useful for messaging during library conferences, in real time. Potential problems include lack of, well, authority control for the hashtags. It was pointed out at the recent Texas Library Association that there were several hashtags running concurrently... #tla2009, #TxLA2009 or even #TexLA2009 and many other permutations and combinations possible. People seemed to long for an "authorized" hashtag that could be decided upon in advance as the "official" one, rather than having to follow ALL of them. Seems like a good idea for future library conference planning committees to decide upon in advance, what the official hashtag will be for the duration of the conference in question. Aggiememenon 14:53, 28 May 2009 (EDT)Aggiememenon

The portion of the page where it lists the libraries that use microblogging seems to be kind of redundant since ALL of the ones listed are twitter accounts. It seems to be the same info as the page on Twitter. Jimmy Lo December 7, 2009