Non-print material

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Non-Print material

These include:

Electronic books

Electronic journals

electronic images

Audiovisual materials

electronic texts/records (full text from the internet)etc

Library management systems (ADLIB software)

Preseving e-materials:

1.Servers: eg library softwares

2.CD-ROMS,floppy and flash disks(soft copies)

3.Hard disks

4.Audio and video tapes

Methodology: 1. Software (programs) Creating backups, passwords, firewalls,antivirus protection, data encryprition, 2.Hardware control temperature, off-site storage, general cleanlyness, knowlege updates (through training to keep track of technology change)

Print Materials (Paper based)

These include: All printed materials e.g. books, maps, journals, photos, newspapers etc.

Presevation: 1.Hardcovers (books) 2.Binding 3.Conducive environment 4.Archiving