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Microblogging is the use of specialized blog software to create short posts. Some services allow posts to be sent via SMS (texting), instant messaging, third-party applications, as well as from a web interface. Like Blogs, microblogs typically generate an RSS feed, allowing content to be published and widely distributed.

Microblogging Services

Further Info on Microblogging

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Microblogging in Libraries



  • Ann Arbor District Library Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  • ACLA LibrariesPittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
  • Ada Community Library Ada County, Idaho, USA
  • ALSC Association of Library Service to Children (a division of the American Library Association)
  • Barrington Area Library Barrington, IL USA
  • BCR Library Denver, Colorado USA
  • Birmingham Public Library Birmingham, Alabama USA
  • Camas Library Camus, Washington USA
  • Casa Grande Public Library Case Grande, Arizona, USA
  • Cleveland Public Library Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Coastal Bend College Library Beeville, Texas, USA
  • Danbury Library Danbury, Conneticut USA
  • Dublin City Libraries Dublin, Ireland
  • Farmington Hills Library Farmington Hills, MI USA
  • Fresno County Public Library Teens Fresno County, CA USA
  • Grand Rapids Public Library Grand Rapids, MI USA
  • Grand Rapids Public Library Teens Grand Rapids, MI USA
  • Henry County Library Eminence, KY USA
  • Hubbell Library New Orleans, Lousiana US
  • Houston Library Houston, Texas, USA
  • Kansas City Public Library Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • Library Journal Library Journal
  • Lester Public Library Two Rivers, Wisconsin USA
  • Lunar and Planetary Institute Library Houston, Texas, USA
  • LIS News LIS News
  • Manchester Library Manchester, NH, USA
  • Monroe County Library System Rochester, NY USA
  • Missouri River Regional Library, Cole and Osage Counties, Missouri, USA
  • New York Library Association New York, NY USA
  • New York University Libraries (Bobst) New York, NY USA
  • North Surburban Library System Wheeling, IL USA
  • Northeastern Illinois University Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • North Towanda Public Library North Towanda, NY USA
  • Fox River Grove Library Fox River Grove, IL USA
  • Philadelphia Free Public LibraryPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania USA
  • Providence Public LibraryProvidence, Rhode Island USA
  • Public Libraries Singapore, Singapore
  • Sante Fe Public Library Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
  • School Library Journal School Library Journal
  • Skokie Library Skokie, IL USA
  • Norlin Library, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA
  • University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Undergraduate Library Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA
  • Vancover Public LibraryVancover, CA
  • West Palm Beach Public Libraries West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  • Westmont Library Westmont, IL USA
  • West Springfield Public Library West Springfield, MA USA
  • Yale Science Libraries Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
  • YALSA Young Adult Library Services Association (a division of the American Library Association)


  • Nebraska Library Commission

Further Info on Microblogging and Libraries

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