Libraries Creating Games

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Here is a list of libraries creating games, including the software, targeted audience, and examples of games they've created.

Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, Gamemaker, tweens and teens, (examples coming soon!)

Library: Carnegie Mellon Software: Flash Target audience: Undergraduates Educational objectives: LC call numbers, using online databases Game example(s): Library Arcade one mini-game, Within Range, teaches LC call numbers, the other I'll Get It is a trivia search game.

Library: University of North Carolina Greensboro Software: Uses AJAX (a combination of JavaScript and XML) Target audience: Undergraduates, 1-4 players Educational objectives: Incorporates Web evaluation exercises and the following: • Understand that information can be found in a variety of sources. • Understand the function and use of information sources. • Identify useful information from the library’s catalog and online databases. • Understand the way collections of information are organized and accessed. • Determine when to cite a source and cite it properly using a specific citation style.

Game example(s): Information Literacy Game and libraries can adapt for their own use.