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Here's an agenda for the Library Camp 2008 unconference. That's why it's almost blank.

There are 5 spaces up for grabs for Library Camp sessions:

  • The 4th Floor Board Room seats over 100 and has a projector.
  • The 4th Floor Conference Room A seats about 30 and has a whiteboard, but no projector.
  • The 3rd Floor Training Center has 14 iMacs and an iMac with projector and whiteboard.
  • The 3rd Floor Freespace seats about 25 and has a whiteboard but no projector.
  • The Lower Level Multipurpose Room seats over 100 and has a projector and a mac mini with wireless keyboard.

wireless access code: G8674611425764

need tech help, a/v, markers, anything for your session? Call or text eli at 734-657-6901.

9:00-9:30 AM

  • 4th Floor Board Room: Coffee, Bagels, and Schmoozing


  • 4th Floor Board Room: Welcome and construction of Agenda


  • 4th Floor Board Room: Drupal users and user wannabes
  • 4th Floor Conference Room A: Killing NetFlix Dead
  • 3rd Floor Freespace: Digitization Standards for Digital Libraries


  • 4th Floor Board Room: ILS
  • 4th Floor Conference Room A: Virtual Reference & IM


  • Lunch on your own. Check out for some ideas!


  • 4th Floor Board Room: Reconvene and adjust afternoon schedule if needed.


  • 4th Floor Board Room: Developer Collaboration
  • 4th Floor Conference Room A: Selling 2.0 in a 1.0 world
  • 3rd Floor Training Center: Subject Resources Pages & Pathfinders


  • Lower Level Multipurpose Room: Show & Tell / Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament.


  • Lower Level Multipurpose Room: Wrapup & Farewell!