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Info Island is a piece of virtual property located withing the 3D virtual world, Second Life. Info Island is associated with the SecondLife Library 2.0 project, begun by Illinois' Alliance Library System and maintained by volunteers from all over the world.

The information below is taken from a notecard that users are given at the Welcome Center on Info Island in Second Life.

Features, landmarks and services on Info Island I are listed below. Please feel free to look around the island and ask questions of any Librarian you may see. Some of us are new too, but we will be glad to try to get an answer for you!


Monthly Book Discussions with Maxito Ricardo 7 pm sl time on Info Island

January 16 - The House on Mango Street

Places to Visit

Alliance Second Life Library Main

Books, Audiobooks, and computer lab with reference resources. For questions about reference, contact SecondLife users Michael Maitland, Lorelei Junot or Abbey Zenith.

Info Island Main resources

Parvenu Tower

Parvenu Tower is a high rise building with an indoor theater and lobby and floors for resources on Business, Government Documents, Academics, Humanities, Sciences, Genealogy, and conference and classroom space. More to come! For training or information on Business, or academic resources, contact Abbey Zenith.

  • 1st Floor - Fine Arts
  • 2nd Floor - Government Documents
  • 3rd Floor - Business
  • 4th Floor - Humanities
  • 5th Floor - Science & Technology
  • 6th Floor - Academics
  • 7th Floor - TBA
  • 8th Floor - TBA
  • 9th Floor - Genealogy Resources
  • 10th Floor - Confrence Center

Parvenu Tower Resources

Info Island Open Air Theater

We host programs and continuing education events at the Info island Open Air Theater donated by the International Space and Flight Museum. Watch the Second Life calendar for upcoming events. If your group would like to use the auditorium for an event, please contact or IM Lorelei Junot.

Mystery Manor

Come to a haunted gothic manor with mystery and horror author book discussions, posters, and more! Contact Max Batra or Jenna Darrow for more information.

Mystery manor resources

Talis Sci-Fi Portal

Come explore science fiction and fantsy literature at the Sci-Fi Portal. Displays, resources, book talks with more coming soon!

Sci Fi Portal Resources

Library Gallery

Now featuring the work of real life and Second Life artist Czar Nicholas.

Caledon 19th century library

Visit our 19th century library in the beautiful sim of Caledon. For more information contact Rain Noonan or JJ Drinkwater.

Caledon resources


Come and search books from Amazon from the United States, Canada, the UK, and Japan. Look for the latest stock prices. Created by Tabatha Hegel and Hugo Dalgleish. Partner of library.

ICT Library (Information and Communications Technology Library)

A partner of the library and a great spot for educators in Second Life to get free scripts and teaching tools. For more information contact Milo Czervic.


TechSoup is a non-profit organization to assist other non-profits in Second Life. They have created a directory of other non-profits in Second Life. For more information contact Glitteractica Cookie or Frank Foley.

World Bridges Media Gallery

skypecasting, webcasting, and more. A partner of the library.