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NOTICE: Librarians, here is the purple handout from the ILA session: How are We Working Together to Prepare K-12 Students for college and beyond. Take a look at my position statement; I would love to hear what you think.

Use this multimedia presentation for your literacy skills teaching. If you need more information, contact C.VanHook: [email protected]. Remember to emphasize the steps to successful research and project development as you travel through the road trip.

The Essential K-12 Teacher Librarian Handouts for the ILA Conference:

ILA Panel Discussion Presentation

--- Vanhook 18:19, 12 October 2006 (EDT)Carol VanHook

The teacher librarian promotes:Letter to staff for collaborative training[1]

The teacher librarian publicizes: (1)Library Brochure--[2] and (2)the sample big bookmark of passwords for accessing 24/7 online databases [3]

The teacher librarian protects the learning environment: Bookmark to parents for online safety [4]

The teacher librarian prepares the students with life skills for the 21st century: (1) Validating websites [5], (2)Using online research databases [6], and using Noodle Tools as a citation maker/ note taker / Works Cited List creator [7]

Please join my "booktalking with you" wiki and share a good book with the young adults in America! The password is booktalk. The wiki is at [8]