Extended Orientation Seminar

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Extended Orientation Seminar Course Description

"Sometimes called a freshman orientation, college survival, college transition, or student success course. Content likely will include introduction to campus resources, time managment, academic and career planning, learning strategies, and an introduction to student development issues."

Approaches at Different Institutions

Bowling Green State University

BGSU: 4+/pub/med// Contact: Colleen Boff

BGSU First Year Initiatives

Instructors for this course can choose from a variety of library resources designed specifically for this course. These activities are either lead by the instructor or designed to be self-directed learning experiences that the student completes on their own outside of class time.

BGSU First Year Inititatives

Ohio University

Ohio University: 4+/pub/lge // Contact: Sherri Saines

It's Not All on Google: the library Experience

This Library Experience teaches students that "Everything is Not On Google" in an online interactive tutorial. This takes about 45 minutes to work through. This hasn"t been updated since 2006, but the concept is still good.

Its Not All On Google

FindOUt First: New Sudents' Blog

A resource blog for First Year students, tied to the FYE classes. Each week's topic is a category, and during the fall term we add a new entry weekly for the current topic. The rest of the year, we just add things as they occur.

FindOUt First.

Audio Tours of Alden Library

The MP3 Audio Tour allows students to take a walking tour of the library on their own schedule. Students download these MP3 files onto their player and then walk around the library, like a museum tour, learning about places and services. We offered this to the FYE seminars rather than have librarians do hundreds of tours. This offers, at the very least, the common experience of walking the library. These tours are available in the voice of a librarian as well as several languages (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc.) The downside is you must keep them up-to-date with changes in the library, even if the original tour guide has graduated!

Audio Tours of Alden Library

Abilene Christian University

Abeline Christian University: 4+/priv/sm // Contact: Laura Baker [email protected]

Article: Library Instruction in the Rearview Mirror

Baker, Laura. "Library Instruction in the Rearview Mirror: A Reflective Look at the Evolution of a First-Year library Program Using Evidence-Based Practice." College and Undergraduate Libraries, Vol 13. No 2. 2006. pp. 1-20. doi: 10.1300/J106v13n02_01 Haworth Press abstract

Ms. Baker chronicles the evolution of ACU's FYE approaches from a scavenger hunt to research skills instruction to an embedded research unit. Each year the library tried, evaluated, and adapted until they could prove students were actually improving their information literacy skills. Approx 1,00 students go through this program every fall. Includes a particularly good bibliography.

Niagara University

Niagara University: 4+/priv/sm // contact: David Schoen [email protected]

Article: Launching the Library Mystery Tour

Kristine Kasbohm, David Schoen, Michelle Dubaj. Launching the Library Mystery Tour A Library Component for the "First-Year Experience". College & Undergraduate Libraries. Vol. 13. No: 2. 2006. pp.35-46. doi:10.1300/J106v13n02_03 Haworth Press abstract

This article describes the creation of a murder mystery library orientation. 40 sections of 10-25 students each fall. Clues, assessments, audio

California State University, Chico

California State University, Chico: 4+/pub/lg // contact: [email protected]

Article: Librarian in a Strange Land

Blakeslee, Sarah. Librarian in a Strange Land: Teaching a Freshman Orientation Course. Reference Services Review. Summer 1998, pp 73-77. [1]

One way to be integrated into FYE classes is to teach them. Blakeslee was the first to write about her experience transitioning from one-shots to teaching an entire course. She was part of the planning committee for a new FYE course with an emphasis on computer in information skills. She held classes for the other faculty, who expressed discomfort in teaching IL. Blakeslee describes the lessons she learned: it takes longer than you think to prep a class, and students operate on a "least effort" paradigm. A good read.

San Diego State University

San Diego State University: 4+/pub/lg // contact: [email protected]

Article: Freshman, IL, Critical thinking

Harley, Bruce. Freshmen, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Values. Reference Services Review. Vol. 29, No 4, pp301 - 305 [2]

Like Blakeslee, Harley saw that having a librarian on the front lines, teaching FYE, was a natural match. Because of their program's emphasis on critical thinking, the co-teachers incorporated IL / CT into a scaffold of class experiences: 1. Read and respond to Morrill on values 2. Active learning experiences making the point that evaluation is vital 3. Visit to the library 4. Review of visit, and exposure to Raymo's "credulity index" 5. Read and respond to Miner's article on the Nacirema